It's Not About the Money


On my morning commute to my full-time gig this week, I have been re-listening to Dale Partridge’s book: “People Over Profit”. This book has always been a go-to for me to think about the ideas I am building. Dale talks about the multiple eras of a business: the honest era, the efficient era, and the deceptive era.

The Honest Era

This is the era that I want to keep ODDFOLK in and will fight tooth and nail to always reside here. It’s the beginning, the most transparent part of a company where the mission is most clear and the people pursuing that mission are your lifeblood, not the profit or sustainability of the organization.

I never want to compromise our mission or our people, to get that extra buck to get us .01 miles down the road. We have to find the right people, with the right passion and heart to push this endeavor forward.

The Efficient Era

I’m scared the most of walking non-chalantly into this possible period of ODDFOLK’s existence.

We have garnered success. Put great systems into place and the whole thing is a well-oiled machine. Honestly, this scares me, for many reason. ODDFOLK is about community and community is one part organic and one part system. The best analogy I have ever been given on this is: the trellis and the vine. A healthy vine grows on a trellis, that supports it. If you don’t have the trellis the vine will choke itself out, but if it’s healthy and growing on the trellis, you’ll never see the support systems behind it.

I believe the efficent era has the ability to make us focus entirely too much on the trellis, forgetting the vine — the people we love and want to nurture.

The Deceptive Era

Truth. That is what is at stake in this era. To put it simply and quickly, I will not forgo transparency, and I will not cover things up.

We will be above board. We will be accountable. We will not fail the community that we build.

This is a matter of ethics.


You as the people that are investing your thoughts, your shares, and your hopes in what we can build- hold us accountable to living and staying in the honest era. We need you!

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