ODDFOLK is One Month Old. Here is What I Have Learned!


Writing. Meetings. Designing. Meetings. Planning. Another meeting?

That’s pretty much what the first month of ODDFOLK’s life has been and honestly, it’s been a blast. 3 months ago when I sat down to finally flesh out something I had been thinking about for almost a year, I thought I would see it come to life 10 years down the road. Now, it’s a living breathing organism that I have the priveldge of caring for and nurturing.

However, with as much joy as I gain from building this thing, there is frustration.

Sleepless Nights + Cloudy Mornings

I will say that I have gotten more sleep during the formation of this organization than any previous projects, but insomnia is still something I struggle with. And building something and having insomnia is probably the worst combo ever.

Lying down at night, my wife has fallen asleep and I turn over to follow her lead. Nope, within five minutes I have grabbed my phone and I am reading an article, writing something about what ODDFOLK needs to be doing, or checking social media channels. It’s hard to turn off my brain. Luckily, my wife is super into essential oils and health, so I will be working on a night time regimine of some supplements and stuff to quiet my brain. Also, mindfulness excercises will probably be in my future.

Of course, that’s the practical side of “Sleepless Nights + Cloudy Mornings”, there is a more metaphorical explantion I would like to give.

In my mind a sleepless night is positive, sure I’m losing sleep, but it means my ideas are flowing and my creativity is at new heights. I do love late nights, working on stuff I love and believe in. But, I need to pivot that to a better time of the day for my health.

Cloudy mornings are a deep metaphor for something that I have dealt with in every dream I have pursued. I move at a million miles an hour and I can see every little thing I need to do to see the vision come to life, but then those things start to depend on money and people. My frustrations flair because people need time to process and money is hard to come by; I want to quit. It’s a nasty cycle and one that I knew someday I would need to confront head first.

Passion + Good People = Peace

I have been confronted numerous times over the past month with the burning question, “ Why are you doing this? Obviously no one cares.” That inner voice is a jerk — one of the biggest ones I have ever known. In the past, this jerk and I have gone toe to toe and I have lost every round. Something changed this time around, I got a new weapon for the fight — true passion.

The passion I had for ODDFOLK and this idea served me well, it was a good suckerpunch to that jerk in my heads jaw. But, just as I was evolving my fighting technique so was he — “You’re a joke. People will support you and get behind you, but then see how much of a failure you are.” And those inner thoughts almost did me in. There was something though that that new weapon of mine — passion — had that was waiting in the wings.

My passion for ODDFOLK bled into a few other people around me and at multiple times, in the nick of time, these people bled the passion I gave them right back into me to drop kick the jerk in my head to the curb. And I found my full fighting strategy to keep going.

Don’t Let Anything Stop You!

I let the jerk win too many times in the past and now I’m learning how to beat him and I hope you can find a way to beat the jerk in your head as well.

Find your passion!

Bleed that passion into others!

Change the world!

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